Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Review: Aces High by Elle Casey and Jason Brant

Aces High by Elle Casey and Jason Brant

Doug is a college student squatting in his dad's old apartment. Charlie is fresh out of the foster care system. When they both find themselves hard pressed for cash, the situation leads to a partnership that will not only put their safety at risk but take them into the world of the supernatural.

I have to start out by saying I haven't read any of Elle Casey's work but if you've followed this blog for more than a day you'll know we're big Jason Brant fans around here. So I went into this book not completely knowing what to expect. Although, I figured it would be easy to spot the authors "changing of the guard",  I was wrong. This book is a fantastic collaboration that flows together absolutely seamlessly.

The absolute highlight of this book is the characters. They're funny, likable and relateable in that awkward post teen not yet an adult sort of way. Charlie is sassy and knows how to take care of herself whereas Doug is perhaps a little high-strung and even a bit sheltered. They torment the hell out of one another mercilessly, constantly trying to one up each other.Their interactions were hysterical. I always read in bed at night and at one point I started laughing so hard I woke my husband up, which is no easy task since he sleeps like the dead. Seriously, it's that funny.

 The chapters alternate which character's perspective the reader is seeing making for a fast paced story and a fun read. The authors plan for this to be a series and it's going to be extremely entertaining to see what shenanigans Charlie and Doug can get into.So hop on board because I believe this series is going to be a wild and crazy ride!


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